In the UK, there are some very good resources to use for homeschooling. BBC Bitesize is a great resource, which contains education resources in the form of games. These activities are designed to make learning fun and interesting. BBC Bitesize resources cover math, science, literacy, and citizenship.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize for homeschooling in Britain is a site where you can find material for every age group. From reception to A-Level, BBC Bitesize lessons are designed to be digestible and can be used to supplement more in-depth lessons. It also offers apps that you can use to teach your children at home.

The Bitesize programme includes science, maths, geography and history. The programme has a wealth of engaging activities, including quizzes and infographics to help children learn new things. There are also weekly programmes, including a ‘Book Club’, where children can learn a new book every week. All of these programmes can be accessed on the Bitesize website, as well as on BBC Four.

The BBC Bitesize for homeschooling in UK website has daily lessons for children of different ages and abilities. It also features a daily 10-minute podcast on its site. The site is accessible from a mobile device. The site also has videos, quizzes, and games.

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The number of homeschooling children in the UK has nearly doubled in the last year, and more parents are relying on this method to provide a high-quality education. However, being a parent and teacher can be a difficult juggling act. With the right resources, homeschooling kids can excel in their subjects.

For example, Oak National Academy covers all ages, from early childhood to Key Stage 4. They offer over 40,000 free slides, videos, worksheets, quizzes, and curriculum maps. STEM Learning is another excellent resource for homeschooling children, as it covers all sorts of STEM subjects. This site has interactive activities, podcasts, and videos to help children learn math and science. Additionally, it has tons of educational advice and tips for parents.

Another great resource for homeschooling in the UK is Parliament. Learning about the government is an essential part of a comprehensive homeschool curriculum. The website provides videos explaining how the UK government works, and also offers insights into different groups within British society. For example, there are some videos about Black Britons and the history of their ancestors.

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Advanced book exchange

While the National Curriculum is not compulsory in the UK, following the curriculum guidelines can help your child succeed in the UK. It is also a good guide to prepare for national exams. However, the government advises against teaching values that conflict with the fundamentals of British democracy, individual liberty, and mutual respect.

Oxford Open Learning

If you’re considering using Oxford Open Learning as a resource for home-schooling in the UK, there are several things you should keep in mind. For example, you can’t use everything on the site, but it will help you find what you’re looking for. The website offers a variety of resources for different age groups. Some of these resources can be adapted to your child’s learning style. Other resources include TED-Ed animations, which can help your child learn about a variety of subjects.

If you’re homeschooling in the UK, you can take advantage of a range of courses at Oxford Open Learning, including GCSE courses. These include English, Mathematics, Science, and Physics. Some of these courses are free, so they’re an excellent option for homeschoolers. In addition to free textbooks, you can also find free study materials and videos online. These resources also offer support and encouragement from tutors.

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The Exploratorium

A public learning lab located in California, The Exploratorium offers a vast collection of online experiences for kids. You can find all kinds of activities to keep your kids entertained, including videos and science-related crafts. This museum is great for budding scientists who love science and STEM subjects.

The Exploratorium’s interactive website has been lauded by science organizations, media artists, and government officials. The Exploratorium’s Global Climate Change site won the 2003 Pirelli INTERNETIONAL Award. It was also a finalist for the 1999 Smithsonian Computerworld Award. It was subsequently included in the Smithsonian’s Permanent Research Collection.

The Exploratorium: Located in San Francisco, The Exploratorium is an interactive museum that is a great place to educate your children about science. Kids can explore and touch different types of animals, learn about the human body, and learn about the world around us. The Exploratorium also offers free online resources for parents who homeschool their kids.