Whether you are a first-time homeschooler or have been homeschooling for years, there are resources available that will help you get started. These resources include free and paid programs. They can be used to cover multiple curriculum areas and include lesson plan databases, resource databases, planners and organisers, worksheets, and more. Some are specifically designed for teachers, while others are available for anyone.

Free resources

The Australian government has many resources for homeschooling, including free websites. For example, the Queensland Education Department’s website provides a wealth of information on home-based learning, including a list of curriculum requirements and suggestions for exploring themes at home. Similarly, the Scholastic Reading Club provides tons of resources, including Maths Seeds, which develops math and literacy skills.

ABC Education also offers free educational resources, including videos, games, and interactive content that align with the Australian curriculum. These resources are aimed at parents, teachers, and students.

Paid resources

Unlike many other countries, Australia has a set curriculum for homeschooling children. This curriculum is designed to meet the specific educational needs of Australian children. It outlines what young people should learn and the quality of that learning. Most schools in Australia follow the national curriculum, but some states have developed state variations. These variations are intended to focus more on what is actually taught, rather than what is assessed. The regulations for homeschooling vary by state, so it is important to consult with your state homeschooling regulations before purchasing a homeschool curriculum for your children.

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In Australia, homeschooling is legal in all states and territories, though different states have different regulations for the process. Parents apply to their state’s education board for a homeschooling permit. Those without a permanent address may not be eligible to apply for a homeschooling permit. In addition, homeschoolers are not paid and choose their curriculum on their own.

State-specific curriculums

While homeschooling in Australia is legal in all states and territories, each state has its own requirements for homeschooling. In most states, homeschoolers must register with the education board in the state or territory where they live. However, homeschoolers who have no fixed address are not eligible for state-specific homeschooling curriculums. Moreover, homeschoolers are not paid, and they must deliver their own curriculum.

If you’re considering homeschooling in Australia, you need to find a state-specific curriculum. The curriculum you choose must cover all of the state’s core subjects. Then, you need to find a homeschool teacher to fill in the gaps. A homeschooling teacher will be able to make sure that your child is learning the right subjects and making appropriate progress in his or her learning program. They will also be able to provide you with the necessary reporting and feedback for homeschool registration.

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If you’re looking for a great resource for homeschooling in Australia, IXL is worth a look. This Australian-based homeschooling company offers a wide range of learning resources, including free online introductory classes. These are designed to follow the Australian curriculum and feature fun, interactive questions and built-in support. Teachers can also subscribe for free. The site has a great selection of resources, including online videos and games.

This online resource provides access to over 18,000 resources, including lessons and activities designed by teachers. The resources include animated videos, photos, quizzes, podcasts, and other multimedia content. They’re also designed to encourage independent learning and self-paced learning at home. Unlike some other homeschooling resources, IXL is 100% Australian-owned, with Australian teachers and content that’s aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Project Gutenberg

If you are looking for free eBooks, Project Gutenberg is a great resource for homeschooling in Australia. It hosts more than 45,000 titles, including classic children’s literature. It is free to download and can be used on the web, iPhone, and Android. It also includes engaging language lessons in a variety of languages. The website is perfect for homeschooling parents who are on a budget and want to save money on tutoring.

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