The benefits of summer homeschooling in Lewiston are numerous. It helps children learn at a more personalized pace making it easy to identify strengths and weaknesses. This article will go over three benefits of homeschooling over the summer in Lewiston.

Flexible schedules make life easier

Summer homeschooling in Lewiston, South Australia requires flexible schedules. These schedules are perfect for families who like to work and travel during the school year. This schedule also means that parents can travel during the off-season when places are less crowded and prices are lower. The Five J family, which uses a six-week on, one-week off schedule, also finds that it makes life easier for their children in the summer because they get to take mini breaks throughout the school year.

While many parents find that rigid schedules are unworkable, flexible schedules can be beneficial. If you need flexibility, you can consider a self-directed learning approach to your schedule, which will allow your child to choose when and how to study. When making a flexible schedule, make sure that your child understands what you expect from them.

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Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning centres are heavily promoted in homeschooling communities. These programs offer full and part-time options and feature environments where kids can learn by themselves while staff members oversee the larger picture and provide support when needed. These types of programs are ideal for homeschoolers who value community and relationships.



Summer homeschooling in Lewiston provides many benefits, including maintaining the engagement of children, easing the transition back to a regular school schedule, and limiting learning loss. Independence Institute intern Zachary Rogers discusses the benefits of homeschooling during the summer. In addition to academic growth, this alternative can also promote physical health.