Homeschooling in the summer is a great way to give your child a wide range of experiences. Not only does it allow for more flexibility in schedules, but it also promotes independence and autonomy. It also gives you a great deal of time to yourself. Read on to find out the benefits of summer homeschooling in Freeling.


Flexible schedules make life easier for the whole family

One of the benefits of summer homeschooling in Freeling is that it allows you to make flexible schedules for the whole family. You can structure the day around various activities, such as reading aloud or participating in community activities. You can also set aside some time each week to attend piano lessons or library story hour. While these activities can be time-consuming, they also allow you to make your life easier as a family.

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Another advantage of a flexible schedule is that it allows you to travel off-season, which is often less expensive and less crowded. While this can limit your opportunities for field trips, it can be great for your family. Families can also use Fridays to clean the house and enjoy a day off.


Encourages autonomy and independence

Many summer homeschooling in Freeling parents ask: “How do I encourage my children to work independently?” This is a challenging task because independence is slow to develop. Students need time and repetition to develop confidence in their abilities. They also need a sense of support from adults. However, both parents and teachers can encourage independence by allowing children to choose what to study and how to meet educational requirements.

One of the advantages of homeschooling is flexibility. There is no need to rush your child out the door or rush them to class. Kids can enjoy extra activities together with their parents and other children, making homeschooling more enjoyable for everyone. In addition, they’ll have more opportunities to make friends. With a flexible schedule, homeschoolers will make more progress.

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Reduces school time

In South Australia, you can apply for an exemption from compulsory school for 12 months. However, you will need to enrol your child in a South Australian school first before applying for a homeschooling exemption. The first step to applying for an exemption is to email the school and ask for an application pack. The application form requires you to provide a brief outline of your intended curriculum and program for your child. It also requires you to specify how you will assess your child and how you will engage with them socially.

Another advantage of homeschooling your child is that you can be more efficient. Many hours in school are wasted on organisation, notices, and other activities that aren’t particularly educational. Homeschooling allows you to spend more time doing fun, interesting things instead. This means more learning time. Less time is spent on workbooks and less time is spent switching focus and moving between classes.

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