There are many advantages of homeschooling in Australia and this article will walk you through a few of them.

Advantages of year-round homeschooling in Australia

Homeschooling year-round has many advantages. It allows you to tailor your child’s learning experience and avoids the pressure of rushing through the curriculum. You can also switch curriculums as the need arises. This also means you can take vacations when everyone else is back at school, which means you can get cheaper airfares and hotel prices. Plus, you can enjoy cooler weather and fewer crowds.

Another advantage is that a year-round homeschooling schedule allows your children to finish what they have started before the holiday break. This helps save your sanity and reduce your child’s level of frustration. Additionally, it gives your child more time to play and explore their interests.

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Another advantage of year-round homeschooling is the ability to adjust your schedule to suit your family’s needs. Because you can homeschool year-round, you can have your child start school anytime. In addition, you can take frequent breaks during the year.


Increases time for community involvement

Homeschooling has several benefits, and one of those is increased time for community involvement. Homeschooled children are more likely to engage in arts and crafts activities, participate in family projects, and engage in physical activities. In addition, they are more likely to participate in activities that promote cultural capital, such as community service.

Parents of homeschooled children can get free or low-cost resources from community groups and the government. Children in Queensland may be eligible for the Textbook and Resource Allowance and School Dental Services. In addition, in WA and NT, homeschooled students can receive free swimming lessons.

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Homeschooling in Australia is becoming more common. The number of children who homeschooled increased by 80% between 2011 and 2017, quadrupling in Queensland alone. In 2017, one in every 200 Australian students was homeschooled.


Protects children from bullying

One of the reasons families turn to homeschool is to protect their children from bullying. This is especially true for children who are in a vulnerable situation. Recent tragic cases have highlighted how vulnerable our children can be. The good news is that there are many resources available to parents looking for an alternative learning environment.