If you’re looking for some activities for summer homeschooling in Nairne, South Australia, there are some great options nearby. You can participate in family fitness activities, attend a BMX track, or visit a historical site. There are also many fun activities you can do together, such as dressing up in costumes or beating each other with wooden swords! Look for homeschooling groups in your community, or advertise them at your local community centre or library. You can also create a group comprised of one or two families.


Homeschool Family Fitness

There are many activities for the whole family to enjoy while summer homeschooling in Nairne, including exercise. Physical education is a vital part of academic success, and kids need to get their daily dose of exercise to stay healthy. One great resource is Fitness 4 Homeschool. This curriculum features dozens of body-weight exercises that build lifelong fitness habits. It offers a core physical education curriculum for pre-K through high school students, including running, basketball, and strength training.

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There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your homeschooling curriculum, from hiking to biking. You can even use your outdoor space as a playground! Playing basketball in the driveway or taking a bike ride are all great ways to get your kids moving. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can use an exercise video to demonstrate a routine.


Sonlight’s super-fun Summer Readers

If you’re considering summer homeschooling in Nairne program, you can find lots of free resources online. There are lots of activities to keep kids engaged, and some resources include printable reading logs. You can also find online book clubs and optional grammar, spelling, and writing activities.