If you’re homeschooling in Western Australia, you have a few options for activities for summer homeschooling in Katanning. You can join a Cooperative learning group or play a game with your peers. You can also take advantage of game schooling Australia resources.


Co-operative learning group

For families with young children in the Perth area, there are many opportunities to be involved in cooperative learning group activities. These activities usually cater to junior primary-aged children, though parents of younger children are encouraged to join in as well. The group aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment for parents and their children.

The group has a regular meeting place at Lower Chittering Hall. The activities involve projects and activities that teach children about different subjects. Children ages three to 17 are welcome to attend. The classes are curriculum matched to suit children in pre-primary and up to year 10.

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Group day

If you’re looking for a group day for summer homeschooling in Katanning, Western Australia, there are several options available to you. Some of the groups are focused on homeschooling parents with children with special needs, while others cater to families with younger children. In these groups, the members’ primary focus is on providing a safe and supportive environment for parents.

Groups of homeschooling parents can also arrange for follow-up visits to their schools. These visits aim to monitor educational progress. Some groups even hire an expert homeschooling inspector to visit their homes to make sure they are complying with the law.


Gameschooling Australia

Gameschooling Australia is a local community group that offers games for homeschooling children. The Australian group is an offshoot of an international movement. Gameschooling provides board games and tabletop games for gifted children. It is ideal for children with special needs or children who have special interests. It supports homeschooling children in different areas of the Perth metro area.

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This group aims to provide a supportive and welcoming community for Perth homeschoolers with children of all ages. The group has social events and meetups on a fortnightly basis. Although the group is open to all homeschooling families, there are some activities geared toward junior primary-age children.