Broken Hill is an inland Australian city with more art galleries than any other place in Australia. There are several activities for summer homeschooling in Broken Hill and many of them are adventurous. The city has a regional art gallery and a history of promoting local vernacular artists. This European artistic heritage dates back to the 1960s with the formation of an artist collective led by Pro Hart.


Living Desert State Park

A visit to the Living Desert State Park is an excellent activity for outback lovers. This stunning park features spectacular sunsets and a Sculpture Symposium celebrating the interrelationship of art and the environment. It also has free gas barbecues, shade shelters, and disabled toilets. This is one of the activities for summer homeschooling in Broken Hill that allows your children to relax and unwind.

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Twin Lakes Park

Broken Hill, New South Wales, is a small mining town with a thriving arts scene. Located on the edge of the desert, this town has an interesting mix of Aboriginal culture, desert landscapes, mining experiences, and contemporary art galleries. Its history dates back to the Wiljali people, who inhabited the area for 60,000 years before Europeans arrived.



If you are looking for an art program for your summer schooling program in Broken Hill, New South Wales, there are many options available to you. The city has a history of mining and is home to the Broken Hill Art Exchange. This organization works to promote the arts and culture in Broken Hill. Students can learn about local artists and engage in community-based art projects.

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Hot air ballooning

If you are looking for a unique activity to do with your summer school children in Broken Hill, consider hot air ballooning. The experience is thrilling, and there are many places to fly near Broken Hill. The best part is that there are several locations within a few kilometres of the town.


Farm-to-plate dining

A farm-to-plate dining experience is a great way to introduce kids to farming and the land. The region is home to orchards and trout brooks, and it’s just over four hours north of Sydney. The meals are simple, but the farm-to-table approach teaches kids about the agricultural process.


Art galleries

If you’re a budding artist looking for a summer camp experience, you may be interested in the plethora of art galleries in Broken Hill, New South Wales. This outback town is far removed from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and is home to a thriving arts scene. While the area is known as the ‘Silver City’ due to its mining heritage, it has become an attractive tourist destination, with numerous art galleries and a unique community vibe.

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If your children love the Outback and want to experience the unique culture of a different part of Australia, you may want to consider spending your summer schooling in Broken Hill, New South Wales. This outback town is far enough away from the bustling Sydney area that it feels like a completely different world. However, the town is still easily accessible via road, rail, and air.