There are many myths about homeschooling in Australia. The most common is that it is not necessary. If you’re wondering if homeschooling is safe, you should consider the benefits and disadvantages of this educational option.


Homeschooling is not a requirement

Homeschooling is not a requirement in most of the states of Australia. However, there are some rules and regulations governing it. For example, parents in Western Australia must register their children’s homeschooling program and submit it to a review by Home Educator Moderators. Likewise, in Tasmania, homeschooling parents must register. However, the conditions for revocation of registration are ambiguous. In contrast, in the Northern Territory and South Australia, there is no registration requirement. Moreover, the Secretary of Education can grant an exemption from compulsory school attendance law if the Secretary is satisfied with the homeschooling education provided to the child. In New Zealand, homeschooling is not mandatory; however, it is required in Tasmania.

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It is expensive

One of the best ways to keep costs down when homeschooling in Australia is to seek government assistance. There are many government grants and schemes available for homeschoolers, including the Secondary Assistance Scheme in WA and the Textbook and Resource Allowance in Queensland. You can also join a local homeschooling group to discuss your options and get advice from local parents. Many homeschoolers use Facebook to find local groups.


It is a safe option

Parents may choose to homeschool their children in Australia for many reasons. Some do so because their children have specific needs or may be suffering from an illness. Others want to spend more time with their children. Still, others want to take an active role in their children’s education. Some parents homeschool for family bonding and flexibility. Other parents choose to homeschool because of concerns that their children may not be ready for school.

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It is a seamless option

There are numerous benefits of homeschooling in Australia. You can work at your own pace, avoid the hassle of commuting and still be able to provide your child with the same high-quality education. You don’t have to worry about finding a homeschooling course in your area because there are many options available. You can also take advantage of the state resources available. You can also look for a local support group on Facebook, such as My Homeschool Community.


It is a cost-effective option

Homeschooling in Australia can be a cost-effective option if you are on a budget. You will need a few resources to start your homeschooling journeys, such as a computer, printer, internet connection, stationary, English texts, and reference materials. Some homeschool parents also purchase subscriptions to online learning platforms and pay for news media. These costs will depend on the number of children you have and what resources you plan to use. Typically, these costs are between $200 and $500 for the first year of homeschooling but will reduce over the years.

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It is a social option

One reason Australian families choose to homeschool their children is because of high school tuition fees. It would cost an average Australian family $14,000 per year to send their children to a private or public school. This financial incentive alone makes homeschooling a good option for many families. Other parents homeschool for medical reasons. Homeschooling can be especially helpful for children who are physically ill or anxious, or for pregnant women.