With more parents opting to homeschool their children, the resources for summer homeschooling in Muswellbrook available to them during the summer months can help make the summer a successful experience for both the parent and the child. Listed below are a few resources to consider: Easy Peasy, Math Mammoth, Ambleside Online, and Starfall.


Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy resources for summer homeschooling in Muswellbrook are free of charge and available online in several different formats. Easy Peasy offers a wide range of curriculum options, from preschool to 8th grade. It uses a mix of traditional methods, such as worksheets and activity sheets, as well as online coursework to enhance learning. Lessons are well-planned and come with printable activity sheets. It also offers a student dashboard, which is very easy to use.

Easy Peasy’s curriculum is free online and includes Facebook and troubleshooting support. It is designed for homeschooling and is based on the Christian worldview. You can use Easy Peasy as a full curriculum or supplement to other subjects. The program offers lessons in math, language arts, science, history, computer science, and more.

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Math Mammoth

If you are looking for a flexible math curriculum that won’t break the bank, you should consider Math Mammoth. The program is aligned with the Common Core Standards and has undergone significant revisions and updates. It now includes new topics and has shifted certain sections to better meet the requirements of different grade levels.

Math Mammoth includes videos that illustrate concepts, providing concise explanations and demonstrations of concepts. The program is also a mastery program, which means that students need to gain mastery over each topic before moving on to the next. The program is also one of the cheapest full-scale math curricula on the market. The price range is between $45 and $200, making it an excellent value for the money.


Ambleside Online

AmblesideOnline is a free online homeschool curriculum that follows the Charlotte Mason method. The site features detailed schedules and time-tested methods for educating your child. You can also join the Ambleside Online community for support and resources. The site has an extensive library of Charlotte Mason resources. You can also interact with other Ambleside parents to find a wide range of ideas for teaching your child.

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Horrible Science series by Nick Arnold

If you’re looking for a fun summer homeschooling series, you should consider the Horrible Science series. These fun science videos are designed to appeal to kids’ interests in the squishy stuff. The series also features famous scientists, such as the talking brain Professor McTaggart, the robot Bob, and microscopic Professor Small. The series ends with a parody song.


Book clubs

If you are planning on homeschooling your children over the summer, book clubs can be a great option. These are groups that meet monthly and have discussions about a certain book. There are many different types of book clubs, including online book clubs, homeschool book clubs, and even book clubs with special themes.

Book clubs can be as small as two families, or as large as you want. Small groups work best, with eight or fewer members, as everyone has a voice and can develop friendships. If you have a large group, you can break it up into smaller groups, and a parent can lead the discussion.

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