If you have been contemplating homeschooling your child, you may have come across a website or two that tell you about this educational option. But there are secrets you didn’t know about homeschooling in Ireland. You might be wondering, is it legal? In Ireland, homeschooling is legal. In fact, it is very beneficial for your children.


Homeschooling is easy

Homeschooling is legal in Ireland, thanks to the constitution. While it is illegal in Germany and France, homeschooling is a perfectly valid option in Ireland. As long as you register with the Education Welfare Services, a part of TUSLA, and attend a formal meeting, you can teach your children from home.

The number of children registered for homeschooling has increased in recent years, and there are nearly 1,000 registered in Ireland. But Tusla has estimated that the real figure is much higher – there’s a backlog of nearly 2,000 applications. It’s important to remember that homeschooling in Ireland is regulated by Tusla, the child and family agency. In order to start homeschooling, you must apply and be registered with Tusla, which will assess your child’s academic and social skills.

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It’s legal

Homeschooling is a valid option for many parents in Ireland. However, it is essential to register with the Education Welfare Services (EWS), part of the TUSLA. Registration involves attending a formal meeting. After that, you can begin homeschooling your children. There are several websites where you can learn more about homeschooling in Ireland.

There are many benefits of homeschooling your child, and Ireland offers one of the most flexible educational options. The process is also completely stress-free. In fact, homeschooling is one of the hottest trends in educating your child.


It’s good for children

Homeschooling is a great way to provide your children with a personalised education. This means you can follow the same curriculum as traditional schools but with much more flexibility and control over the methods, schedule, and exams. For example, you can devote extra time to a child’s reading comprehension or long division. Or, you can focus more time on other skills or competencies such as sports. You can even adapt lessons to your child’s needs, such as if he has special needs.

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Among the benefits of homeschooling are the opportunities for children to be surrounded by positive role models. Homeschoolers are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges and tend to have higher self-esteem than non-homeschooled children. Additionally, they are less likely to be traumatized by a move.


It’s a criticism of the education system

Although ‘schooling at home’ is seen as a criticism of the education system, in reality, it is a way for parents to teach their children in their own homes. Almost 1,300 children in Ireland are currently on the home education register. It is not uncommon to find an Irish homeschooling parent who has a passion for tennis and wants to focus on it instead of school. The famous Irish homeschoolers CS LEWIS and TAYLOR SWIFT were both homeschooled until they were nine.

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Homeschooling is a way to help children who would otherwise struggle in school. It can help children with special needs, avoid the pressure of exams and bullying. It can also be a good way to ensure a child’s development isn’t stunted.