There are many resources for summer homeschooling in Kempsey and while most of them are great, some of them can be too expensive or not worth the trouble. We have put together four of the best resources to make your summer homeschooling worthwhile.


When creating a list of resources for summer homeschooling in Kempsey, it is impossible to leave out Time4Learning. Time4Learning offers an online playground for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, as well as a game room for high school students. There are several features, including a timer that limits the time a child can play a particular game. While some families follow a set scope and sequence, others simply rely on multimedia-animated lessons.

Time4Learning also offers tools to simplify recordkeeping. It offers a formula for determining how many lessons to plan for each subject per week, and it lets parents check off lessons as they are completed. Then they can tweak their schedule as needed. Parents will need to define the recordkeeping needs of their homeschool students, though. For instance, they may want to record prepared reports, transcripts, and diplomas.

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If your family has several children, Time4Learning offers discounts for multiple enrollments. Once you’ve enrolled your first child, you’ll only pay one monthly fee for all of them. This makes it ideal for parents who work while their children attend school. Another great advantage of Time4Learning is that it offers electives in foreign languages. Rosetta Stone, a company that specializes in foreign language learning, powers this online program.

Time4Learning is not a school, but a curriculum provider. As such, the coursework is not accredited. As such, it may not be suitable for Christians looking for a biblically based curriculum. However, the lessons offered by Time4Learning cover essential topics. Parents cannot create their lessons, which is one downside.


Ambleside Online

When selecting AmblesideOnline as one of the resources for summer homeschooling in Kempsey or any other part of New South Wales, it is important to consider the age of your child. AmblesideOnline is designed for children who are at least six years old. The program should be challenging but not frustrating for your child. Some children need more time to mature before they are ready for the more advanced topics of Year One. You should also keep in mind the age of your child when selecting books.

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AmblesideOnline is an online homeschooling curriculum that focuses on Charlotte Mason’s principles. The curriculum is designed so that each family can use it to suit their individual needs. Parents can add or delete topics or substitute books if they wish. In addition, AmblesideOnline supports the rights of every homeschooling family.

AmblesideOnline also includes books with a strong science element. The curriculum is designed to encourage children to explore the world around them. It also incorporates challenging books that help children grow as writers and thinkers. AmblesideOnline also emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity. Choosing six books per term is no problem for most children.


Easy Peasy

The Easy Peasy curriculum is a free homeschool curriculum that uses online resources. The program is designed for parents to do their homeschooling without a teacher, but it does have a support Facebook page that you can reach out to in case you are having trouble. The program uses a Christian worldview and is designed to make homeschooling easy and fun. It has a wide range of lessons and topics, including math, language arts, history, science, art, computer science, and more.

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The curriculum includes a mix of traditional and Charlotte Mason methods. It has printable activities and worksheets to help your child learn. It also includes a learning program for kids who are not yet proficient readers. It is free to use and has a complete lesson plan that is easy to follow day by day.


Rock by Rock

Rock by Rock is another one of the best resources for summer homeschooling in Kempsey. It is a hybrid learning platform that offers an extensive library of real-world, STEAM-based projects and lessons. These lessons help kids build literacy, math, and science skills by combining self-directed online lessons with hands-on activities. Rock by Rock also provides a wide range of curriculum options to help kids explore new ideas and apply existing knowledge.