Summers are traditionally a time for slowing down, so if you’re a busy parent, you may find it hard to slow down enough to enjoy the summer life with your children. But summer homeschooling can allow your child to take charge of the summer, so there are things to know about summer homeschooling in Townsville. Now, you can sit back and enjoy summer life, too! Remember that your role as a parent is not to interfere with your child’s learning, but to be his or her guide and discovery assistant.


Prevents loss of learning

Homeschooling a child without the benefit of school resources can result in a lack of social skills. This is because a child who is homeschooled has limited exposure to different ideas, perspectives, and cultures. This may impact the student’s ability to interact with various groups, which could have negative effects on their future.

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One of the biggest challenges we faced when homeschooling our child was communication. Although we were expected to take on an active role in the education process, we never felt as though we had a true partnership. There was little communication between teachers and parents, and the feedback that we did get was vague and unhelpful.


Is less time-consuming than traditional school days

When you think of traditional schooling, you probably imagine an eight-hour day filled with structured lessons. The typical school day requires teachers to divide their attention among dozens of students, lead large discussions, and leave ample time for disruptions. Even so, the average student receives only a few minutes of individual guidance during each class period. Homeschooling, on the other hand, involves far less time and can provide a more personalized experience for your child.

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Makes math and reading fun

Math and reading can be difficult, but there are some ways to make them more fun. Using online games and math apps is a great way to reinforce the homeschool math curriculum. Apps like Kahn Academy, Prodigy, ABCYa, and Mathville are great options for a fun math homework experience.