There are certain things to know about summer homeschooling in Gladstone, Queensland. This article will go through three of those things and they can be used in other parts of Australia too.

Homeschooling during the summer prevents loss of learning

Homeschooling during the summer is a great way to prevent your child from losing important learning. Research has shown that children are less likely to learn when they take long breaks. This was proven by the Covid-19 pandemic. But summer is not the only time to teach your kids new skills.

Studies have shown that children thrive in routine. Therefore, it is crucial to include unstructured playtime in the summer homeschool curriculum. This is because children are most likely to form the most meaningful connections when they are free to move and explore. Leaving the child alone with plenty of free time is also important, so make sure that your homeschool curriculum includes lots of playtimes.

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Studies have also shown that children lose about two months of learning during the summer months. This is especially true for math and spelling. And this loss is worse as kids get older. As a result, children in the sixth grade can be two years behind in math or reading skills. And in the ninth grade, the learning loss can be up to two-thirds of their achievement gap.


It eliminates endings and transitions

A major benefit of summer homeschooling is that you don’t have to worry about the start and end of the school year. You can simply focus on your child’s progress during this time. Summers are traditionally a slower time for people, so the idea of homeschooling during the summer months makes perfect sense. It’s best not to get in the way of your child’s summertime activities and let them take the lead. Rather, you are a discovery aid and guide who can assist in the learning process and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

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It is a time for kicking back and slowing down

While summer may seem like a time to kick back and slow down, it’s also an excellent time to review core subjects. Summer is also a good time to read a book or two with your child. Reading can keep your child engaged in their studies while providing a fun and educational distraction.

As a homeschooling parent, you have many opportunities to make your summers a time of relaxation and learning. You can find new activities to pursue with your children and plan them around their schedule. You can also make use of your child’s interests to create a curriculum around them.

Another great benefit of homeschooling is flexibility. The summer is a great time to experiment with new learning methods and spend quality time with your family. While you’re doing that, you can also be building up skills that will help your child succeed in school next year.

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