There are some resources for summer homeschooling in Inverell. They make the work of homeschooling much easier and more fun. Continue reading to find out some of them.


Ambleside Online

If you are summer homeschooling in Inverell, you may be considering using Ambleside Online. The online program emphasizes a balanced, challenging approach to education. Each term features an artist or composer and encourages parents to teach art and music lessons themselves. The schedule is intended as a guide, and members may choose different artists or composers each term.

The curriculum provided by AmblesideOnline is appropriate for children from 6 to 12 years old. However, it is important to know that younger children may find the lessons too difficult. For example, they may be unable to sit still and complete most of the lessons. For older children, some books cover higher levels of academic content.

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If you’re considering AmblesideOnline for summer homeschooling in Inverell (New South Wales), it’s important to understand that the curriculum’s structure is different from that of traditional schooling. The curriculum follows a 12-year cycle. Year one begins with the early middle ages, while year six introduces Greek and Roman history. Similarly, year two includes mythology and ancient history.

AmblesideOnline uses books that take children “there” by using maps and geographical information. Children are encouraged to make observations and record their findings in a nature notebook. They should also use the dry-brushing technique developed by Charlotte Mason to create paintings. In addition to a nature notebook, children should use the Handbook of Nature Study to learn the names of natural objects.



Starfall is a nonprofit organization that offers free and paid resources to help children learn to read. Its curriculum emphasizes play and positive reinforcement to develop confident learners. It also offers math and language arts lessons. It is ideal for homeschooling children with special needs. Membership is available to access additional activities and resources, such as animated songs and math lessons.

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Museum and zoo memberships

Museum and zoo memberships are a great way to incorporate learning opportunities into your summer homeschooling program. They are relatively cheap, provide a lot of fun for your family, and often come with reciprocal benefits. In addition to a discount on admission to the museums you visit, you can also use your membership to visit other museums in the area.